Flipkart to stop using single-use plastic in packaging by March 2021

Flipkart to End Single-Use Plastic in Packaging by 2021
Flipkart to end Single-Use Plastic in Packaging by 2021

Flipkart, one of the biggest e-commerce players in India, announced its 2 years plan towards the elimination of single-use plastic in packaging. They confirmed that from March 2021, Flipkart will commit towards the usage of 100% recycled plastic only. It has started the process of replacing packaging materials such as poly pouches, bubble wraps & airbags with eco-friendly options. As on August 1, 2019, it has realised a 25% reduction in single-use plastic in its supply chain.

The same was confirmed by the company in a statement, “Flipkart also made a commitment to eliminate single-use plastic in packaging and move towards a 100 percent recycled plastic consumption in its own supply chain by March 2021. Flipkart is working on various initiatives including the introduction of eco-friendly paper shreds, replacing poly pouches with recycled paper bags, replacing bubble wraps and airbags with carton waste shredded material and ‘2 Ply’ roll to name a few.”

Long Term Measures Taken By Flipkart

As part of its long-term sustainability initiatives, e-tailing firm Flipkart has filed for an EPR (Extended producer responsibility). It aims to make a 30% collection back in the first year. In order to diminish the consumption of virgin plastic, the company will use recycled content gradually.

Be ready for a change in the packaging in the coming days. Company is moving towards replacing plastic and “eComm ready packaging” by eco-friendly recycled paper bags and more. Other sustainable alternatives being tested include substituting bubble wrap and air-bags with stretch film, polythene pouches, and plastic fillers. Packaging materials such as multi-use belts, recycled paper-based pouches, and carton waste shredded material are also being worked out.

“At Flipkart, we believe that sustainable business practices not only help us preserve our environment, but make us more efficient and ensure longevity. Creating alternatives for single-use plastic packaging is one of the significant steps we have taken towards fulfilling our commitment to create a sustainable ecosystem. Our long-term vision is to eliminate the use of plastic and maximise the use of recycled and renewable materials” said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Group CEO, Flipkart.

Aligning itself with the government’s vision, the company also made an announcement that 40% of its delivery vehicles will be electric by March 2020.

Morgan Stanley has predicted that Flipkart’s net fortune will be $200 billion by 2027. Currently owned by Walmart, it holds a slim lead over its competitor Amazon in India’s e-commerce market.

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