Samsung confirms ‘Find My Mobile 1’ message to be a server glitch

'Find My Mobile

Social media including Twitter and Reddit got flooded with a mysterious notification on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones today morning. The push notification is coming from the “Find My Mobile” app with two 1’s on top of each other. The digits disappear when the user swipes the screen.

The Samsung owners were in a shock when Find My Mobile screen just popped up out of nowhere. Many got freaked out because they had never used it and were not even sure whether they even had it on their device. Some even went to the extent of checking the app info and found that it had eaten 20% of the battery. Some felt that the intention behind spooky notification was to track or spam Samsung’s users without taking consent.

Samsung Care Ambassador was quick to respond and confirmed the slip up was “some test on Samsung’s end” and now “Feels like we’re in good hands.” Later on, Samsung UK also issued a statement confirming that the push notification had been sent erroneously to a “limited” set of models across the world.

The message appeared across multiple Samsung Models like Galaxy 7 – 10+, Galaxy A series, Galaxy J series, Galaxy S Series and Note 7- 10 series in addition to the latest one Galaxy Z Flip. The notification was found not to be carrier-specific. It was reported from Tmobile, AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, Verizon, and unlocked phones.

As the name suggests, Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ app service assists in finding or even locking a remotely located smartphone or tablet. With the service, the owners can also back up data to Samsung Cloud, delete local data, and bar access to Samsung Pay.

Last year OnePlus 7 Pro owners had also received obscure push notifications in Chinese text as part of failed test done for software update.

Did you also spot the mysterious notification on your Galaxy phone? Share with us your reaction in the comment box below.


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