Play EA Games on PS4 for ₹315 per month with EA Access in India


EA games have finally launched a monthly subscription service for PS4 users. If you own a PS4, you can now get the subscription to play latest and old EA games for ₹315 a month. The subscription is also available with a yearly billing plan for ₹1,990.

EA Games had the same service in place for Xbox One players from the last five years. Its launch on PS4 was delayed year after year of anticipation, but it’s here finally. With EA Games subscription, you can try the latest games along with few old and successful titles. Customers with EA Access subscription will also be able to try upcoming games before their launch. Apart from these benefits, you will also be entitled to 10% of extra discounts on EA games purchase from PlayStation Store, DLC downloads etc.

What games are available on EA Access on PS4

Hit titles like Battlefield 5, FIFA 19, Star Wars Batter Front 2 etc are available as a part of EA Access subscription on PS4. You will also get to enjoy upcoming titles before their release date.

What is EA Access Premier membership

EA Access Premier membership is only available on PC as of now. You don’t have the option of EA Access Premier membership on PS4 or Xbox One. With EA Access Premier membership, a user can play all the games prior to them being officially released. The games are made available as full version with no restrictions to the player.


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