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Do casinos need mascots?

To not get lost among other companies and be remembered by customers, you need to come up with something extraordinary. Something that will form an association with a brand – your brand, and not something else. A mascot is a good option!

It is, in fact, a talisman that brings luck and awareness to different teams, organizations, or companies.

These heroes initially earned their popularity in the sports field. They are especially popular in the United States, where each team has its own mascot. Not a single Olympic Games are complete without mascots. The use of characters generates significant income for event organizers through the sale of souvenirs.

Many mascots in history glorified their companies, and they became legends. We cannot imagine the McDonald’s restaurant chain without the Ronald McDonald clown and Energizer brand – without its tireless rabbit. The character brand grows up with his company and changes in appearance. For example, the popular Pringles chips are symbolized by a baker Julius Pringle, whose distinctive feature is a lush mustache. Invented in 1968, the hero has changed several times according to the nowadays trends.

So are mascots useful for casinos?

Definitely yes!

As these are characters that are constantly present on the site. With their help, you can visualize complicated things, explain the game rules, and make players laugh with epic pop-ups. Besides, the mascot successfully integrates into the casino content strategy and lives happily on Instagram and Twitter. It can be used for heading news stories, viral content, or advertising a product.

Great, isn’t it?

If we talk about successful examples of casino mascots, we can mention the beloved Victor and Winner from SlotV online casino. This is a robot and his Jack Russell Terrier dog. The characters are clearly visible on the SlotV landing page. They are the key heroes of mailouts, tournaments, and promotions. Victor and Winner also appear on SlotV social networks and enjoy the sympathy of their subscribers.

* SlotV is a space-themed casino with adventurous positioning. Famous for its large-scale collaborations with big providers (Microgaming, Playson, Amatic, etc.)

For the new players, SlotV casino has plenty of welcome bonus offers. All you need to do is to sit and choose.

Okay, let’s go back to the mascots.

There’s another side for those casinos whose Compliance Department believes that painted characters can attract a child audience. It’s not surprising, but it doesn’t mean your casino won’t survive without having mascots on its website. At least, Frank Casino thinks so.

Frank Casino looks like a luxury club where you relax playing your favorite top casino games while chatting to a nice support operator girl. No mascots, no extra popups, or silly cartoonish faces irritating you in the mailout.

Looks attractive as well.

It’s your decision which side to choose and how to build your brand strategy. The main thing is to make your website user-friendly and offer customers exactly what they need most: a great time!

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