Disney Plus will let users retain movies even if they are removed from the service

Last month, we covered everything coming to Netflix’s upcoming rival Disney Plus. In a recent announcement, Disney CEO Bob Iger said during an interview that the platform will let users keep their favourite movies even if they are removed from the platform.

Disney Plus movies

This feature will distinguish the upcoming streaming platform from the rest of the competition. With the release of Disney Plus, many movies on Netflix will be removed and transferred to the new service. This is really a huge step forward since whatever you wish to save will be there forever even if Disney decides to remove your favourite content.

We already had a sneak peek at the vast amount of content Disney Plus will be offering. The catch, however, will be that subscribers will need to maintain active membership in order to access their bookmarked content.

The streaming service is already available in the Netherlands and will soon hit Australia and the US. What do you think of Disney’s new service? Let us know in the comment section below!

Written by Vibhor

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