Preferential Screen: A Smashing Offer to Replace Broken ‘Out of Warranty’ Phone Screen!


Mobile phones seem shatterproof and durable in all matters and people assume phone displays to be tough than they used to be. Unfortunately, this is not so. The phone display can get cracked or even broken easily and it doesn’t remain useful anymore in case the screen gets completely shattered.  

Even imagining this situation of a broken phone display is so intimidating, then think out for those who have to keep their broken phone along with them. Well, most people don’t have a budget to replace it and forcefully they have to carry that broken screen without any option.

But the good news is, here’s one low-cost option ‘Preferential Screen’ that you can opt without dropping your pockets and get your beloved phone back in an accurate position. Yes, it’s possible. Honor India has launched the initiative and shared the news on its twitter handle.

What is a Preferential Screen?

Cracked mobile screen either because it got crushed or dropped down in the street, gives a vulnerable headache to you beyond any doubt. Though many services are available out there for pone repairing or replacement, that is costly. It’s an ultimate solution derived by Huawei in the form of a Preferential Screen that will not let you expend excessively to get the phone screen back.

It is actually a certified pre-owned screen used for even less than 10 days. There’s no compromise in its performance, though it might carry some scratches it wouldn’t stop you loving your phone screen. Huawei has gone through deep analysis and examination for determining the right pre-owned screen to use for preferential screen campaign set by them. This low-cost service bestows the patrons with the satisfaction of high-quality performance with warranty coverage as well. However, you can’t take it anytime you wish, instead, you need to make an appointment for availing these services at right time.  

Why should I opt?

There’s no reason not to go for this option. The preferential screen is surely the best option you can resort to. Here is it’s the upper hand:

  • Affordability

Replacing the cracked screen with a brand new one is, of course, a costly affair. But if you opt for a preferential screen then surely you wouldn’t need to spend that much. Even the company is offering a 60% discount (minimum) to its customers on preferential screens. It’s surely a great deal to crack.

  • Warranty

Just as the new screen warranties you, the preferential screen provides 90 days of warranty to its users.

  • Unbeatable Quality

Yes, the scratches might be there because these are pre-owned screens. However, you wouldn’t feel any compromise in terms of its performance and quality and even take it just as the new screen.

  • Environmental Conservation

It’s a great way to save energy and save the environment as it reduces the electronic waste output surprisingly and even harnesses over environmental pollution too.

  • Applicable Product Models and Prices (INR)
Credit: Huawei

So, benefits are surely in abundance by choosing preferential screens as an alternative to replace the damaged screen.

What is the process for getting a Preferential Screen?

Huawei gives easy access to it’s every user by availing this service at Multi-Brand Service Centers located across the nation and at Exclusive Service Centers. Across the whole of India, the company has more than 190 Authorized Service Centers.

However, at these service centers, you can’t get the service directly, instead you required to book an appointment first at Exclusive Service Centers through HiCare or Huawei India website. You can even book an appointment via an email that you can send at if any Exclusive Service Center is not located in or nearby your city. You need to give every basic detail in this email, consisting of your name, phone number, issue, device model, preferred date & time, nearest service center and all.

Before finally replacing the screen, the company’s team does complete physical verification of the model, of the preferential screen and get a final written confirmation by the customer.

Key Points!

The point to be noted here is this campaign is valid up to March 31, 2020, only. So, you need to get your screen corrected before it if you really want to enjoy the privileges of the preferential screen.

  • The visit timings to avail of these services at Multi-Brand Service Centers and Exclusive Service Centers are available from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. For the contact details of service centers, you can visit the site or HiCare.
  • There’s no condition of device’s warranty, i.e. this offer is available for all devices either in or out of warranty. The screen damage eligible for ‘Out of Warranty’ like liquid damage to screen or man-made accidental damage, is also eligible for preferential screen replacement.
  • It follows the ‘First Come First Serve’ rule.
  • The service is available to all devices either purchased outside or inside India.
  • Postal repair services are not available.
  • Huawei India can anytime amend its terms & conditions without any prior notice at any time.

So, hurry up and grab this chance as the offer is valid till 31st March 2020.


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