Cyberpunk 2077- Everything we know about its immersive open-world

Well, well, well. Get ready for another blast from the creators of the games like the “Witcher Series.” CD Projekt Red is coming up with the most sought after game of the year – “Cyberpunk 2077”. It was announced way back in May 2012 followed by first teaser in January 2013. To date, it has crossed more than 15 million views.

Watch 48 minutes of official gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077 fresh from CD Projekt. This is what press and industry folk got to see of Night City at E3 2018.

Now coming to the evolution of the game, the story is set in the sci-fi future with very futuristic design elements like flying cars, spaceships, cyborgs everywhere. In a nutshell, whatever we can fantasize about the future, we can see in this game. The open world of this game is set in Night City.

The protagonist of this game is named “V” with many skills like hacking high-tech machinery and quite number of weapons which are attached to his arms which will be upgradeable. We will see some serious action gameplay here from an armory of weapon, gunfights, hand combats, and even melee combats. For sure this will be an FPP (First Person Perspective) game.

The best part of the game is that there will be around “75 Street Story” side stories and that too will be customizable i.e. these quests will be modified according to the player plays the game as we have seen in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The graphics of this game are by far the best, the realistic gameplay and attention to even minor details are quite appreciable. With the big names like Keanu Reeves attached to it in the Cinematic Trailer and over 11 million view on it, the game is going towards some serious business.

The final release date of the fantastic game was on 16th April 2020 but got delayed to 17th September 2020 which is a setback for the gamers eagerly waiting for this game. According to sources, the delay is occurring due to the complexity of the game in story mode which is also good news for the end players. The company will release the multiplayer option in late 2021. This game will be available for all the platforms namely PlayStation, X Box One, Google Stadia and for PC.

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