Cuphead Goes Live on PS4 on 28th July

Cuphead Goes Live on PS4 on 28th July

In a PlayStation blog, Chad from Studio MDHR, the studio behind the popular game Cuphead announced that the game is now live on the PS4. 

He talked about how he grew up playing PS1 classics such as Resident Evil and Vandal Hearts. He thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring the game he created to the PlayStation platform. 

What Is the Game About?

Studio MDHR created Cuphead after inspiration from the early 20th century cartoons. It is a story of two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, who fall in a debt trap. They lose a game in the casino where they bet their souls. The owner of the casino tells them that he would let them go on one condition. The Cuphead duo need to collect the souls of other players who ran away without fulfilling the contract.

The brothers, Chad and Jared showed a demo of Cupheads in 2014. However, the game was in the early development stage. Chad created each and every animation in the game by hand. He colored them using watercolors before perfecting the art in Photoshop.

The game consists of over 50,000 hand-drawn frames. The game is a homage to the cartoons of the old, and the brothers didn’t want to rely on CGI as he old animations were janky, and CGI was just too perfect for capturing that vibe. 

In addition to the artwork, the game features classical sound track that is over three hours long. It features orchestral, big band jazz music recorded in a studio.

The game came to PC and Xbox in 2018 and was a huge success. People were drawn to its art style and design. The game was tough, but that didn’t stop it from becoming popular.

Cuphead on the PS4

As the developers decided to bring the game onto the PlayStation platform, they made the announcement in style. They worked with a Toronto-based studio, Stop Motion Department, to come up with an animated Cuphead short. 

Animators Philip Eddolls and Evan DeRushie helped the brother with their “Stop-Mo” trailer idea. Chad and Jared were surprised to see the similarities between their animation and those of Stop Motion Department. 

To make the trailer in the authentic 30s style, the creators used the same techniques as were used back in the day. The Cuphead puppets, animation style, and even the camera lenses were similar to the ones that would be used in the 1930s.

This was a great way to announce an amazing game for the PlayStation audience. Cuphead is now live on the PlayStation store.


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