Connectivity Restored For All EA FIFA 20 servers


EA Sports FIFA has confirmed that the “The connectivity problems with our games and are fixed. Thanks for all the reports.” FIFA 20 servers were facing connectivity issues since 4 pm EST / 9 pm BST today. The games affected were the ones played under the EA umbrella, including Apex Legends and Battlefield 5. The issue seems to have hit EA’s servers only.

It took almost 7 hours to rectify the issue since the time of reporting. The crash had been reported on EA servers worldwide with downtime logged from the regions of the US, UK, and other parts of Europe only. The players took to Twitter to vent out their ire. The issue got aggravated due to EA’s help site also getting crashed. The players who were seeking answers for downed servers couldn’t log in and troubleshoot or even raise a ticket on EA’s help site. Players who were on Apex Legends were staring at Error Code 100 message while playing as Crypto. It was painful for gamers to lose precious playing time to such crashes and errors.

On receiving complaints of disruption “We are aware of connectivity problems with our games. We’ll keep you up to date on progress here. Thanks for your reports,” read the official support account for EA. Shortly after, however, the account tweeted that EA was also aware of issues logging onto

In 90 minutes, around 5:20 pm EST / 10:20 pm BST, some connectivity was restored but not everything was back to routine yet. @EAhelp reported that there was “some recovery to connectivity.” The waiting period was pretty long for diehard players and some even went to the extent of changing their data centre settings. But the workaround was not a guaranteed fix.

The FIFA 20 Global Series was announced 4 days back on October 3. Post its launch it had been plagued with glitches. Immediately after its announcement, a critical data breach was reported @1pm UK time which prompted the EA Sports to bring down the site. Players while registering for FIFA 20 were able to see other players’ details. Privacy and security of potentially 1600 accounts had got affected due to which registration of players had been put on hold for some time. Another glaring issue reported was with the OTW Promes SBC release where some users were incorrectly informed that they had completed the challenge when this wasn’t the case. EA immediately had to take down SBC and re-release with the fix.

On October 7, the #FIFA20 Global Series Kickoff Show went LIVE featuring @KAKA, @IanWright0, and many others.

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