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Clash of Clans Receives a New Update!

Supercell has recently rolled out a new update of Clash of Clans. This update brings loads of improvements and unique content, like a new troop, new levels, and more. So make sure to read until the end to know everything.

New Troop:

clash of clans new troop

So let us start with the most exciting part. It is official, and we have a new troop in Clash of Clans. Headhunter is a dark elixir troop, and her favorite targets are the heroes. This tiny one is fast and light enough to jump over walls. It is a ground troop, with housing space of 6. She throws cards at her target, which are filled with the Poison spell. Thus, not only the Headhunter kills heroes more effectively but also slows the enemy down. You can unlock the Headhunter at Town Hall Level 12. Headhunter will have three-level upgrades, which will increase the poison effect over the enemies.

New Super Troops:

Supercell introduced the concept of Super Troops in Clash of Clans last season. These are special troops, which are necessarily an improved version of normal ones. Super Troops are available at Town Hall 11, and your Home Village troops can take the advantage. They can be donated to your clanmates like any other regular troop. You need to pay with Dark Elixir to upgrade your army to Super Troop for a limited time.

Supercell has promised to bring new Super Troops every month. To keep the promise, we now have two new Super Troops. Super Witch and Inferno Dragon are here for this month’s Super Troops lineup. Super Witch summons a huge skeleton at a time, instead of hordes of skeletons. This massive skeleton has high hit points and damage per second. Whereas, Inferno Dragon has made an entrance from Clash Royale. Just like the Inferno Tower, the intensity of Damage per Second increases with time. Are you excited to go super with these troops?

New Upgrade Levels:

This section will instead bring saddening news. Clashers don’t like building and hero upgrade this often. But, these are important for balancing. Thus, here is a list of new updates in Clash of Clans for buildings. Cannons and Wizard Towers will be upgradable to level 19 and 13 respectively. An extra spring trap will be available for Town Hall 13, and 50 wall segments will be upgradeable to level 14.

Troops and Siege Machines:

For troops, Archers will go as high as level 9 and can be upgraded at Town Hall level 12 for 11.5 Million Elixir. Baby Dragon and Golem have also received new levels, and they will now max out at Level 7 and Level 10, respectively. Golem will be the 2nd troop to get as high as level 10 after Hog Rider. Lava Hound has a new level as well.  All siege machines except the Siege Barracks will now have a max level at 4.

Spells and Heroes:

Some spells have also received updates. And the Lightning Spell is the main highlight this time. Not only will it go two levels up to max up, but now it will housing space of 1 only. Lightning Spell will have reduced damage, of course, and will have nine as the maximum level. Further, Clone Spell also has a new level. It will now have level 6 as its peak. Barbarian King and Archer Queen have received five new levels, making 75 as their peak for now. This also means they have another increase in their abilities.

So this covers all significant changes that we will be getting in 2020’s Summer update in Clash of Clans. How excited are you for the game? Which one is your favorite upgrade? Do let us know in the comments section. For more such news and updates, stay tuned to www.phoneswiki.com.

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