Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun receiving more tweaks

Developer Infinity Ward is planning to push another update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare most overpowered 725 shotgun. It carries a reputation of the most dubious weapon of the stockpile, but it is a must-have in the armoury. Its popularity can be judged on social media with gamers sharing live videos of shooting happening from ranges it is not designed for. But there are many casual players who have complained that the shotgun is ruining their experience.

The last patch (1.07) released on November 8, had brought two new maps into Modern Warfare: Krovnik Farmland and Shoot House. The devs had tried to reduce the destruction range of the shotgun along with improving ADS speed and hipfire spread. But the issues of ‘cross-map’ and ‘one-shot kills’ were not resolved.

The confirmation about a future patch with tweakings to 725 shotgun has come from multiplayer co-director Joe Cecot. In a tweet, he affirmed that Infinity Ward devs are working on fixing the defective weapon and coming up with one more update. The devs are attempting to restore 725 shotgun for what it was originally brought into the gaming world.

Cecot explained that the next update will see a balanced shotgun minus the ability of long shot kills, a feature for which it was not designed for. 725 shotgun is not a conventional shotgun. Unlike others, it can load two rounds and due to its cylindrical choke, it makes the long shot kills look easy. With the latest tuning, sniping enemies in a single shot, from across the map will not be possible anymore.

But Cecot confirmed that the devs are prudent enough to keep the “soul” of shotgun intact in response to “Weapon tuning is tricky. We’ve seen it happen 1000x where a god gun gets turned into absolute garbo in one patch.” He assured fans that 725 will not be nerfed beyond use with a big “No.” Cecot has not confirmed a timeline of the release but it can be expected anytime sooner.

Many fans will also be expecting the next update to carry fixes to some more pertinent issues in addition to 725 shotgun. Couple of them includes camera angle issue and the E.O.D. perk problem from the last update. 

Modern Warfare is only few days old but it will presumably clock 27 million downloads in this quarter. Till date, it has generated $600 million in revenue and when the first Battle Pass launches in December it is expected to break more records.

Written by Rashmi


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