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Call of duty mobile

It took only a week for Call of Duty Mobile to set a new benchmark. Launched in early October for Android and iOS platforms, more than 100 million downloads of new Battle Royale game have been reported by analytics firm Sensor Tower. Call of Duty Mobile’s impressive performance can be judged by the revenue generated. It has reported earnings of $9.1 million on iOS and $8.3 million on Android in its first week.

“This is by far the largest mobile game launch in history in terms of the player base that’s been built in the first week,” Sensor Tower’s Randy Nelson told Reuters. COD Mobile is available on both the App Stores for free download with in-app shopping ranging from $0.99 to $99.99.

But before drawing comparison, it’s worth making note that PUBG was released in limited regions only. Fortnite was launched for the iOS platform only at the beginning. Whereas Call of Duty Mobile has been launched on both the platforms and in all countries except mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium.

It is still early to predict who will win the race amongst CoD Mobile, PUBG and Fortnite but it’s an impressive start nonetheless. Now the question arises whether we will witness PUBG and Fortnite fans switching over to the new title to get some fresh battle royale encounter.

Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Pass

Though the game is available as a free download, it offers shopping experience on an in-game store where players can buy accessories like skins and weapons. With the help of CoD points, credits and currency shopping can be done. Premium Battle Pass facilitates access to Elite Missions, CoD points and much more.

Built on similar lines as PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, the CoD Battle Pass is evolving over two options namely Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus. Royale Pass is available for both Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale Mode. The details on execution of the game are yet to revealed by Activision.

If you are interested in purchasing the Premium Pass then head straight over to the in-game store. It can be purchased with 800 CoD credits Or $11.25 (₹799) only. In case you want to go for Premium Pass Plus, it needs at least 2000 credits or $27 (₹799) to be purchased. The credits can be bought from the in-game store.

A boost of 8000 CoD credits, access to Elite Tasks and premium rewards is guaranteed when you upgrade to Premium Pass. Other goodies offered with Pass are Ghost character, G-series skin and many more.

Subscription to Premium Pass will reward 25 tier immediately and unlock rewards worth 12000 CoD credits. Freebies offered apart from these are skins, in-game characters, Elite Tasks and crates.

Call of Duty Mobile: Best Guns

Some of the best guns, the primary weapon of Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs and Shotguns that players can use are listed below.

Assault Rifle – AK-47
It is rated to be one the most destructive gun in the Multiplayer and the Battle Royale mode. AK-47 has higher damage quotient when compared to others. It is a must-have in weapon collection.

Sniper Rifle – DL Q33
Considered to the best gun for long-range use it inflicts maximum damage. There is only one drawback while using. It needs to be reloaded with each hit. If the aim is perfect then one hit is sufficient to cause the collateral damage.

SMG – PDW-57
Due to its maximum damage effects, it is labelled to be one of the favourites. It comes loaded with a huge magazine which can take down the entire enemy team in one shot. Useful features include an extended barrel, a vertical foregrip and a stock and has almost zero recoils

Shotgun – HS2126
For shooting at close ranges, Shotgun HS2126 is the deadliest. It is a must-have in the armoury because of its large drum magazine and burst fire mode. No chance with the shotgun gets missed.

Till now, only two Challenges are live in the game Battle Royale Challenges and Free for All Challenge. But looking at the enthusiasm for the platform and its accessibility, players can expect much more to come. The developers are working towards the launch of new in-game challenges that will reward the players with free in-game goodies. Recently COD Mobile had confirmed that players will be getting a Free-for-All mode from October 11 until Thursday, October 17.

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