Buy Redmi AirDots in India for just Rs 1,350 with fast delivery


redmit airdotsRedmi AirDots are true wireless Bluetooth earphones that comes with Bluetooth 5. Redmi AirDots offers exceptional sound quality for the price. As they are not officially launched in India by Redmi, they are not available on either Amazon or Flipkart. Even if you are able to find them listed on any of these websites, they will be very expensive. Their original price in China is 99 Yuan which roughly translates to around ₹1,000. But you can still buy Redmi Airdots in India with fast delivery from Aliexpress for just ₹1,300 from the following link:

Click here to Buy Redmi AirDots

This is the lowest price for Redmi AirDots that you can find right now anywhere. Plus the fast delivery to India and anywhere else in the world is also an icing on the cake. Even if Mi decides to launch them in India, they will roughly be priced somewhere between ₹1100 to ₹1300. That’s the price you can pay right now itself to buy these.

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Most of the true wireless earphones that are available in India are either very expensive or don’t have very good reviews. There is no official confirmation from Redmi regarding the availability of these in India yet. Hence the only option that remains is ordering them from Aliexpress. They also have various color options for the storage case. The storage case for these earbuds has inbuilt 300 mAH battery which can be used to charge these earbuds for around 4 times. Mi claims them to last a total of 12 hours if you consider the charging box capacity also. Battery backup is enough to finish 6 movies with them if you are out traveling on a plane or train.

redmi airdotsWe were really surprised by the punchy bass and exceptional sound quality that these earphones offer considering their price. The bass and loud sound quality are really impressive and unmatched at this price point. I mostly use them to listen to Podcasts on my OnePlus 7 and watch Youtube videos. They really serve the purpose very well. As they come with Bluetooth 5.0, the connectivity was also very good. I hardly noticed them lagging when I moved away from my phone between different rooms.

Most of the times I use only a single pair of AirDots which you can also switch to either ear without having to worry. Both the earbuds have a physical button on them which you have to press until you hear a click sound to perform various actions. A single tap will either play or pause your music, a double tap will activate Siri or Google Assistant.

We were also very happy with the seller from Aliexpress as the earphones were delivered to us at a non-prime location in Punjab within 10 days of shipping. You don’t have to worry about customs clearance or anything else. The seller was also kind to add a micro USB cable as Redmi itself doesn’t provide a micro USB cable with the AirDots. It was really surprising to see such quick delivery as I have read posts on Twitter where even ShareSaveMi takes like 27 days at the least to deliver in India.

If you are in the market to buy a pair of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, then Redmi AirDots is the best choice at this price point. But if you make a lot of calls using earphones, then you should probably skip these as the call quality on AirDots is very poor and most of the times the other person was not able to hear me. So I either had to speak very loud or switch to phone’s mic to talk. I don’t mind it as I mostly use them to listen to music or podcasts.


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