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Bleach Season 17 Release Date in 2021, Trailer, Spoilers, and Latest News!

The anime turned manga, Bleach Season 17 is coming back in 2021 after a torturous wait of 8 long years. Bleach fans across the world were feeling hopeless due to the lack of a conclusive finale. Fortunately, during the 20th anniversary of the manga series last year, Tite Kubo, the maker revealed future plans. He announced a lineup of few Bleach projects and a befitting finale season. Since then fans are showing different shades of reactions.

Bleach Season 17 is a direct adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc from the maker Tite Kubo. In addition to the finale, there will be a new Bleach OVA, titled Burn the Witch. It is based on the manga one-shot and a museum in honor of the franchise.

Let us explore more on the latest news, spoilers we have for you on Bleach Season 17 aka Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc anime.

Will Bleach Anime continue in 2021?

For the people wondering about what is Bleach, here are a few points to introduce you to Bleach.

  • Bleach is a Japanese manga comic novel, by Tite Kubo and a TV series was made in the same name.
  • The novel has almost 74 volumes, spanning over 650 chapters.
  • The story is set in a town called “Karakura Town”
  • The hero, Kurosaki Ichigo, is a 15-year-old high school student.
  • Ichigo is a teenager who turns into a soul reaper due to some unforeseen circumstances, and he now fights evil spirits, thereby, protecting the people.
  • His life takes turns when he faces new enemies and discovers secrets about his life.
  • An anime by the same name as manga premiered in October 2004 and ran till March 2012.
  • The last episode aired was 366
  • Bleach Season 17 will be making a comeback after 8 years and begin from the 367th installment.

Bleach Season 17 Release Date

The makers have not officially announced the date except for the year of the premiere. Shonen Jump had tweeted a year ago about it. The pandemic has hit the production timelines, due to which there might be slight delays. The announcement did not speak anything about the global release of Bleach, or whether there will be sub, dub, or simul dub on any streaming partners.

The legendary anime aired its last episode in March 2012, leaving fans across the world with their jaws dropped to the floor. In the years coming forth, anime lovers all over the world have demanded to air the next season as soon as possible.

Finally, after 8 long years, their prayers have been heard by the makers. With the release of Burn the Witch anime, it is speculated that the premier of the final season is nearby. It is speculated to release somewhere in the Spring Anime calendar of 2021 or even later. The final season is said to start with Chapter 367.

Thus, this is going to be one huge season, comprising 20 volumes of content. Looking at the size of Bleach in 2021, it is sure worth the wait.

Bleach Season 17 Trailer

On the 20th anniversary of the release of the anime, the artists and Bleach studio have released a trailer of Bleach ‘Thousand-Year Blood War’ Arc. The trailer is set to feature the final arc of the series. The new season is set to release from where the makers have paused in 2012.

In the meantime, grab a look at the Burn the Witch Anime trailer available in Theaters in Japan and on “Crunchyroll” from October 2nd, 2020.

How many episodes will Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc have?

After 8 tiresomely long years, the story is said to resurface for the fans. It can be estimated that the new season of Bleach will have 60-80 episodes since it has to cover hundreds of chapters of Manga in the finale season. The Thousand Year Blood War arc is anticipated to have several cours.

Season 17 of Bleach has been confirmed to pick up from where the anime ended in 2012. The makers are adapting the final manga arc that comes directly after the Fullbring arc.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc Spoilers

Bleach Season 17 plot will center around the anarchy followed by the sudden disappearance of Ichigo Hollow. The Soul Society is invaded by the secret group, Wandenreich. War is declared between the Quincy and the Shinigami. The period of the disappearance of Ichigo Hollow is explained by the rugged training he undergoes to fight against Wandenreich and save the Soul Society. The finale should answer all the abrupt questions the previous chapters left.

Will there be Bleach Season 17 English Dub?

Do we know if the Bleach finale gonna be English dub or subs? As of now, there is official confirmation on 3 things. Bleach Season 17 production work is underway and slated for the 2021 release (no release window). The other is few of the original Japanese cast members are making a comeback and it’s going to be airing late at night probably.

It can be safely assumed, looking at the past, Thousand Year Blood War Arc English dub will come since the last dubs were incredibly popular. It’d be weird if it didn’t return. Though it will most likely start coming out after the Japanese version that can mean to wait a pretty long time. Till then Japanese version or Bleach Season 17 English sub should work.

Bleach Season 16 English Dub is currently streaming on Netflix and Hulu. Once Bleach Season 17 Episode 1 gets released, fans might be able to see the series on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Bleach Season 17 Latest News

From the makers of Bleach Season 17 studio, Mr. Tite Kubo, a piece of new and interesting news has surfaced on the internet, regarding the new season.

According to Anime Senpai, it is said that the new season is not going to be censored. Thus, this new season is going to be raw and rustic, appealing to its mature audience.

The Return of the Bleach anime saga “The Thousand Year Blood War” will be adapted and animated by studio MAPPA, as per the leaks. For studio MAPPA, the year 2021 finds them hands full with many critical releases due. This includes Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2, JJK movie, Chainsaw man, Yasuke, Heion Sedai adaptation, Re-main, Zombieland saga revenge ad Yuri on ice movie to name a few.

Recently on March 2, 2021, Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World, Vol. 3 was released. There is no official news regarding the future of Bleach Season 18. The makers have issued that this is the last season for Bleach and they are not sure about coming back to the story. However, the popularity, demand, and availability of content will guide the renewal of Bleach Season 18.

Hey Bleach fans, what do you expect to happen in Bleach Season 17 after a wait of 9 years to be precise? Share with us in the comments box below and stay tuned for any latest news!

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