Best tech Podcasts of 2019: Don’t miss out on these in-depth Podcasts


Culture of podcasts is slowly catching up in countries like India and China. Most of us spend time on Youtube watching tech videos from many Youtube channels. While tech videos have improved significantly over the past few years, podcasts have also improved in this sphere. There are more and more people jumping on podcasts to listen to tech reviewers talk in-depth about the latest gadgets and companies.

We have listed a few of the most popular podcasts that provide great insights from the tech community. If you are someone who likes to stay up to date with tech and gadgets, we are sure you will love to listen to these podcasts. Most of these podcasts are available across different providers including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify etc.

We are including a link to Google Podcasts and Spotify so that you can quickly access them. If you are not on Android or Spotify, simply search for their names in Apple Podcasts app (or any other service that you prefer) and you will find them. You can listen to these podcasts on PC also if you choose Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Lew Later

lew later podcast

Hands down the most insightful tech podcast right now. Lew Later is a spin-off version of biggest Youtube Tech Channel Unbox Therapy hosted by Lewis George Hilsenteger with more than 15 million subscribers. Lewis takes an in-depth dive at tech news from around the world on Lew Later. You can follow Lew Later on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Lew is accompanied by Willy Du on the show to talk on technology. You can also send them your questions that they answer at the end of each episode. You will definitely get hooked onto the show once you start listening.

Android Authority

android authority podcast

Another great tech Podcast that provides great information. Android Authority is great if you want to learn technical stuff from the experts like Gary Sims and others from Android Authority. The weekly podcast is focused but not limited to stories around Google and Android. If you dig the latest Android smartphones and Android OS, this is the go-to podcast to satisfy the nerd inside you.

Waveform by MKBHD

mkbhd podcast

This is a newly launched podcasts from none other than Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD. Many fans were requesting Marques to start his own podcast from years now. He finally took the leap and decided to give the podcast a go-ahead in 2019. Marques is accompanied by Andrew, the co-Producer of the show on the Waveform podcast.

Marques will be interviewing a lot of personalities on his podcast like he has done earlier on his Youtube channel. He has interviewed Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc to name a few. He has currently one episode on his podcast about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which is just 5 mins shy of an hour. Waveform is available on the majority of podcast services including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

9to5Google Daily

best tech podcasts

This is not an in-depth technology podcasts but contains quick updates from the tech world in short 2-3 minutes episodes. If you don’t have time to listen to long podcasts, you can quickly refresh yourself with these short episodes to stay in the loop.


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