Battlefield V Chapter 6: Into the Jungle coming on February 6

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EA has recently launched the new chapter for Battlefield V. Tides of War Chapter: Into the Jungle takes players to the Solomon Islands in the pacific theatre of war. EA has released the patch notes for the new update, which gives us a list of changes that have been made to the game.

In 2019 we got to see the Pacific theatre of World War 2 in a Battlefield game for the first time since Battlefield 1943, which was released in 2009. The fan-favorite Wake Island map was excellent, and we got two special weapons, the Japanese Katana and US Army’s M2 flamethrower. 2020 is going to take us a little deeper into the Pacific Warzone, as the game was marketed to show us previously unseen aspects of the Second World War, everyone is excited about what the new update has to offer.

Update to Battlefield V Chapter 6: Into the Jungle, home to many fierce battles of WWII will be available for download on February 4. It is ready for PS4, Xbox One, and PC devices, but new content will go live on the 6th of February. But before that, you might need a rundown of what will DICE change in its epic World War 2 shooter. The main attraction of the update would be the new map, The Solomon Islands.

The YouTube video on Battlefield V Chapter 6 posted by EA shows us the narrow paths and hidden bunkers, making this map an ideal setting for some tense close-quarter battles. The thick foliage shown in the trailer will provide plenty of opportunity for some Banzai charges, and it seems the infantry is not the only one who needs to look over there shoulder for a sneak attack.

The update also shows the Japanese Lunge mine, as the name suggests, you need to run towards enemy armor with explosives attached to a stick and throw it at the tracks of the vehicle. This attack was difficult to execute in reality. However, in the game, a successful attack would be devastating.

Another new addition to the game will be the Japanese Type 11 LMG, and the US side will get the Model 37 shotgun and the M2 carbine. Oh! And did I mention the M1A1 Bazookas? DICE will be adding those as well to Battlefield V Chapter 6.

So, head into some hardcore close-quarter Pacific battles of World War 2 action like never before with the upcoming Into the Jungle update, coming February 6. At the moment, Year 2 Edition of Battlefield V is available for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. So, grab ’em and join the World War.

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