Asus ROG 3 Vs Lenovo Legion: Which one is best for gaming?

This-July-22-will-be-Challenge-Day-and-Asus ROG 3 Vs Lenovo Legion

The smartphone specs are pumping up with each passing day. With 4GB, 6GB, and now the top off 12GB RAM and super-fast processors, hand-sized phones easily beat a big computer from 2 years ago. This is about the smartphones made for everyday life, OnePlus 8, for instance. Dedicated gaming phones make it even more competitive. July 22 is the launch date of two top-notch gaming phones. It will be Asus ROG 3 vs Lenovo Legion. Read the head to head comparison here.

Asus, a Taiwan based Computer Hardware Company had shocked everyone by bringing a top tier gaming phone ROG in 2018. ROG stands for the Republic of Gamers and is the tagline for gaming PCs and Laptops. With best in class display, processing unit and innovative ideas like AirTriggers and Shoulder Buttons, ROG Phone 1, and Asus ROG Phone 2 were one of the most famous phones. Now, to continue the series of success of ROG, the successor ROG Phone 3 is coming on July 22nd.

Let us talk about Lenovo now. Based out of Hong Kong, Lenovo deals in budget and gaming laptops and computer accessories. Again, just like Asus’ ROG, Lenovo has a line up of Gaming Laptops, which are called Legion. Legion laptops provide high FPS gaming and with modern designs.

So, Lenovo also has an approach like Asus to expand from computers and come to the mobile gaming community. The Legion is going to be their first-ever dedicated gaming phone.

Asus ROG 3 vs Lenovo Legion: Which is best?

So let us now start our comparison. When it comes to gaming, Processor, GPU, and RAM are the most critical aspects of determining speed. And you will always need the highest rates possible. To do that, both Asus ROG 3 and Lenovo Legion have opted for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ processor. This is the successor of Snapdragon 865 and has a 10% higher maximum clock speed than the older one.

ROG Phone 3 and the Lenovo Legion are the first devices to opt for this processor. Currently, Samsung S20 Ultra and the OnePlus 8 are considered the fastest devices, and they have Snapdragon 865. This is enough to have an idea of how fast the coming phones can be.


RAM is another component where no gaming phone must compromise. Both companies seem to hold up to this statement. Early leaks suggest that both phones can have up to 16GB RAM. This could vary also, but the leaks suggest either 12GB or 16GB RAM in ROG 3 and Lenovo Legion phone. Also, there could be various models of the devices, and RAM could change accordingly.

Internal Storage

For internal storage, the phones will have up to massive 512GB internal storage. But, this is where differences come in the phones. Although the storage capacity is the same, but Asus ROG 3 Phone will feature UFS 3.0, while Lenovo Legion will have UFS 3.1. This does not seem to be a significant difference, but it really is. UFS 3.1 is 60% faster at random speeds and three times faster at write speeds than UFS 3.0. This means that Flash Storage of Lenovo Legion is much faster than Asus ROG 3, and the difference is massive.


Gamers love to boast of displays and refresh rates. The companies also want to help in that, as both phones will feature a 144 Hz refresh rate. Few phones have a 144 Hz refresh rate, and as per the leaks, ROG 3 and Lenovo Legion will feature the same. Although both the phones will have AMOLED display, the Lenovo Legion will have a bigger display size. It will have a 6.67″ QHD+ display, while the ROG will feature a 6.59″ FHD+ display.

Battery Size

This is where Asus ROG 3 takes a leap ahead – A substantial 1,000 mAh leap! ROG Phone 3 is reported to have a massive 6,000 mAh battery. The Lenovo Legion, on the other hand, has 5,000 mAh battery. But, to juice the devices up, Legion will make use of 90W fast charging. This is three times the 30W Fast Charge in Asus ROG 3. Thus, although Asus has a bigger battery, but it will take much more time to charge completely.


If you need to know the performance rating of a computer or a phone, you can always opt for benchmarking. It is a series of tests that rate your device according to their performance. As per the reports by AnTuTu, Lenovo Legion has a score of 6,48,871, and ROG 3 scored 6,46,310 in the test. The ratings are pretty tight, and yet, Lenovo managed to beat ROG here again.


Asus ROG seems to dominate in this category. In the back of the ROG, you will get a Triple Camera setup. It includes a 64MP primary shooter, 13MP and 8MP secondary cameras. We do not know whether it consists of a wide-angle camera or a telephoto lens. For the front, you get a 13MP camera.

Lenovo Legion comes with a dual-camera setup, 64MP, and 16MP shooters. For the front-facing camera, the company has managed to make a side-mounted pop-up selfie camera. It is interesting as it will allow us to get rid of bezels and make the phone look more modern.

So, this is the initial comparison of these gaming phones. No doubt, both of these are monstrous on the specs sheet, but we will be able to tell which is better when they actually launch. Lenovo Legion and Asus ROG Phone 3 will launch on July 22nd.

How excited are you for the phones? Which one will you pick, and why? Do let us know in the comments. We will bring latest information when the devices get unveiled. Make sure to stay tuned to until then!


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