Apple May Launch A Cheaper Version of iPhone SE in 2020

Apple Releasing A Low-Cost Successor To iPhone SE in 2020

Apple is planning to launch an iPhone SE successor in 2020 to regain market lost to low-cost smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and others. Although the specifications of the device are not yet released, it will be a new generation iPhone SE with upgraded hardware. This will be Apple’s second low-cost smartphone targeted towards gaining emerging markets, especially India and China.

According to IDC Data, Apple reported its first-ever drop in shipments last year. This year the company lost its title of No. 2 smartphone maker to Huawei which has significantly solidified its presence in China amid the US-China Trade Wars. Reports from IDC have further highlighted the third consecutive decline in global smartphone sales in 2019.

Although the blame for the loss of market share is partly the outcome of trade wars but the company’s pricing strategy is another part of the story. Other smartphone companies are pushing to introduce advanced handsets at cheaper prices to gain market share, Apple still maintains its brand superiority. Therefore the sale of Apple devices in developing countries have seen a constant dip for the 3rd consecutive year. To achieve its sales targets, Apple had to slash its iPhone prices while introducing a trade-in program that accounted for most of its sales. The new iPhone SE like its predecessor is aimed at boosting Apple’s sales to compensate for the sales dip for devices yet to be released on 10 September.

According to rumours, the iPhone SE next-gen model will have the same 4.7 inches iPhone 8. The device will also share numerous components used already in flagship smartphones. Precisely designed to gain ground and increase market share in developing economies. It will also serve as an effective competition to Samsung and other Asian companies that offer mid-range flagship devices at the price range.

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