An image from GTA 6 leaked online- Is it legit?

gta 6 leaked photo

A screenshot, which is supposedly from GTA 6 has leaked online. However, fans of the franchise are not sure if the image is legitimate or just a mod for GTA V. Some even claim that the image is an actual photo of Miami, which has been heavily photoshopped to look like this.

The image leaked has been taken in such a manner that only the skyline is clearly visible, and it is hard to make out what the other features are. The image is supposed to look like Vice City, which is rumoured to be the name of the fictional place where the next GTA is going to take place. This leaked image has everything that you would want in an image made to look like it is from GTA 6, and therefore we need to take it with a pinch of salt.

An interesting pic making its way around twitter, some saying it matches the Miami skyline others saying it’s gta V modded.. from r/GTA6

One of the major issues with the legitimacy of this screenshot is its quality. A leaked image that looks like it has been taken with the intention of blurring out certain details, in most cases, turns out to be fake. Another feature of this image that makes it seem to be fake is the presence of a watermark. It would usually mean that the image is an official in-game screenshot by Rockstar or from the game’s trailer. It doesn’t seem to like it from either of those two as the image is too gloomy and dull to feature in a trailer or to be an official screenshot.

Another thing that we need to consider is the source. The source of this image is not well-known as far as people who provide leaks regarding Rockstar’s projects are concerned. It is possible that a random person might provide a legit leak, but the chances of that happening are quite slim.

As far as the features of this image go, it is almost certainly a fake. So, unless a reliable source or Rockstar, itself, announces anything regarding GTA 6, this image is a red herring.


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