Amazon planning to offer Live TV on Prime Video


It seems Amazon is trying to expand the content that it offers on Prime Video. Reports suggest that Prime Video will start offering live TV services soon. As a part of this addition, viewers might be able to access news, sports, music, and programmed shows and movies on the streaming platform.

amazon prime video

Amazon is already testing this plan and it has been offering NFL Thursday Night Football and the Barclay’s Premier League for the past couple of years. With its upcoming plans, Amazon might enter the group of streaming services that offer Live TV along with on-demand content.

Amazon has started to provide basic programming guides to TV channels with the help of Amazon Channels on Amazon Fire TV in a few regions. Amazon considered launching Live TV service in 2017, but scrapped that plan for some reason and focused completely on video-on-demand service.

An Amazon listing shows that the company is looking for a product manager for the Prime Video Linear TV team. This listing shows that the idea is still in the initial phase, and it will take some time before Amazon is ready to offer Live TV on Prime Video. Amazon has made no official comment about this plan.


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